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Company Overview

UTECO ( United Engineers for Loss Prevention Co.) was founded in 2008, is one of the leading suppliers of Industrial equipment for manufactures in Jordan.

We have been dedicated to make it easy for customer to open his own industrial business We provide over several types of equipment including, Poultry Projects, slaughterhouses,Dairy & Juice Projects,Cooling & Refrigeration,Industrial Doors,Spare Parts,Utilities Equipment,Renewable Energy Equipment,Hygiene Equipment,Waste Compactors and more.

United Engineers

We are one UTECO team committed to global excellence as a customer-focused equipment supplier and service company, providing competitive and environmentally friendly technologies to the food industries.

As one of the leading suppliers of industrial plant equipment, UTECO offers a full-line of equipment supply and engineering for industrial plants, as well as individual machines, equipment packages, spare parts, and a full range of associated plant services. The UTECO company is focused on creating strong relationships with customers, suppliers, and employees,in order to establish professional, trustworthy, and efficient partnerships.

UTECO’s long term vision is to be a customer-focused equipment supplier and service company, providing environmentally friendly technologies to industrial community in Jordan.

We are a customer oriented company and every possible measure is taken to offer complete customer satisfaction.

UTECO believes that only our customers achieve sustainable economic success and then we can develop and grow together. Our corporate philosophy and decision-making strictly follow this principle. We listen carefully to our customers and study their ideas, and then offer high quality, customized and feasible equipment’s.

Our Leadership

Whether you’re entering a market for the first time or extending a leading product line, you can count on the knowledgeable, experienced team at UTECO to help you succeed.